How Real Estate Loans Benefit You During Tax Season

In the past, many promising real estate opportunities had to be missed, because funding simply was not forthcoming from traditional lenders, most of whom preferred to support well-known and established real estate professionals. That situation is now changing, and even though traditional lenders haven’t change their attitudes, alternative lenders are now emerging who don’t have any qualms about backing smaller projects and less well-established real estate pros. Here are some of the new potential opportunities for financing within the real estate business.

Seller financing

Sometimes real estate projects are set up in ways that partial financing comes from the actual seller on the property. This appeals to developers and other real estate professionals, because it may not be as costly as any other type of financial transaction. In addition, with the seller keeping an interest in the property, it’s likely to be better maintained indefinitely.

Joint venture partnerships

For real estate transactions involving an owner equity group, an expanded partnership can be formed when a financier joins the group to provide financial support, in exchange for some return, generally in the form of a share of profits.

Various types of loans

Traditional loans are still available of course, but with the same difficulty of obtaining them. However, other kinds of loan products have emerged to supplement those traditional loans, such as private loans from people you know, and hard money loans which can be obtained from mortgage brokers, who lend funds from private clients and other sources.


One of the newest types of financing to become available is crowdfunding. These kinds of projects are thoroughly investigated before being offered online to registered investors. With a tremendous audience potentially involved, financial goals can be achieved very quickly in some cases.

Real estate loans through FinCentral Capital

At FinCentral Capital, we offer real estate loans to qualified individuals who are seeking to realize benefits during the tax season, so we would be happy to consult about that with you. Contact us today so our financial experts can explore potential solutions with you before the next tax season comes.

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