Finding Work-Life Balance in Today’s Busy World

Technology and a push for everything high-speed has made it difficult to carve out separate spaces for work and life. When someone creates this ideal living condition, it is called having “work-life balance.” This balance is important because it can help you build better relationships at home, be more productive at work and be happier all around. Here are four tips for finding work-life balance in your current living state.

Turn Off Distractions

To fully enjoy the moment you need your electronics to stop beeping and buzzing at you. People who create work-life balance realize that multitasking is a myth and shouldn’t be relied upon to get the most out of each moment. Instead, let yourself be fully in whatever you are currently doing, whether it’s spending time with family, researching data for a client or sitting down with a good book.

Develop a Strong Support Network

Part of finding balance between your work and your life is knowing who you can rely on in a pinch. It’s impossible to do everything all the time and there may be instances where you need someone to pick up the kids from school or cover your shift at work. This network should usually extend beyond your immediate family to include extended family member, friends and co-workers.

Communicate About What Is Working and What Isn’t

There are two parts to this skill. The first is to notice when things aren’t working and the second is to communicate the situation. It could be your health is suffering and, after some consideration, you realize it could be due to lack of sleep. Make this known to your support network and see what solutions are possible. Situations like this can happen slowly over time or they can be the result of a dramatic change in life status.

Set Aside Time for Family and Friends

Rather than view family time as whatever is leftover after working, make a concerted effort to set aside a specific block of time for family bonding. As your family grows this can become more of a challenge, but make sure everyone involved understands how important it is to carve out this time. There are even family apps that help with determining when everyone has the same block of free time.

Work-life balance is an important part of staying happy, healthy and productive. By eliminating distractions, developing a network of trusted friends, communicating about issues and purposefully creating family time, you can have this kind of balance in your life.

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