Use Your Assets To Gain Capital with Accounts Receivable Financing

The financial experts at FinCentral Capital, LLC can turn your unpaid invoices into the cash that you have earned by providing the products or services listed therein. Accounts receivable is win-win financing. We purchase your invoices at a discounted price; you receive quick cash to fund whatever your business needs to flourish.

How It Works

When your enter into an agreement with FinCentral Capital, LLC for receivables financing, we essentially become your AR department. We buy invoices for goods or services provided to customers with up to 90 days to pay, giving you working capital within 24 hours. For a small percentage of the money collected, we do the work while you get the money you have earned.

How You Benefit

Unlike other types of commercial financing, AR financing isn’t a lending option. You are selling assets you already own. This funding has several benefits over loans:

  • No recourse
  • Free credit insurance
  • No payments
  • No personal guarantees or collateral required
  • Opportunity for future funding increase

What We Promise

AR financing gives you fast capital to make payroll, expand your business, purchase new inventory, cover operating expenses or anything else you use business capital to do. For a no-obligation consultation with one of our specialists or for more information on how this type of funding can benefit you, fill out our free application.